Program Management                            Printable Brochure

Program Management is often the missing link between Portfolio Management and Project Management – where potentially synergistic results get lost because no entity is managing the myriad of projects in a structured and strategic fashion. This seminar offers an understanding of program management’s connection to portfolio management (business strategy and objectives), and discusses the capabilities needed to create a system for multiple-project management. Additionally, it emphasizes the need for program specific processes, based on an iterative life cycle and the management of multiple stakeholders and their expected benefits.
Purpose:  The workshop provides senior managers, program managers and project managers with tools and techniques to deal with complex, unplanned change in a structured manner and develops knowledge of particular techniques required for managing programs.
Key Topics:
  • Creating clear, measurable project prioritization criteria
  • Analyzing and ranking potential projects consistent with corporate goals and objectives
  • Categorizing projects into meaningful programs
  • Analyzing and reporting on program performance
  • Effectively integrating business, technical, and organizational elements
  • Understand the difference between project portfolio and program management and managing multiple projects
  • Applying strategies to manage decision-making politics more effectively
Duration:  One day
Target Population:
  • Project Sponsors and Key Decision Makers
  • Managers who are assigning their resources to projects
  • Portfolio / Program / Project Management Office Directors and Program Managers executing a portfolio of projects

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