Process Development/Integration Session

The project management training and methodology will yield the greatest ROI when it is fully incorporated into the way business is done within the organization.  When effectively integrated, it will be woven into the fabric of business processes as they relate to project planning and execution. 

Meeting Purpose:  Integration of Project Management Tools/Techniques into existing organization procedures, SOP's, protocols, etc.
Meeting Agenda:
  • Introduction
  • Determining the project management process goals and measures
  • Process definition (inputs, activities, outputs, hand-offs, etc.)
  • Project reporting requirements
  • Project decision making
  • Process roles and responsibilities
  • Rules for process escalation
  • Determining project assessment/termination points
Meeting Duration:  One Day (8:30 - 4:00)
Meeting Participants: Organization Stakeholders who:
  • Work on projects
  • Are affected by project activities or outcomes
  • Who manage others who work on projects
  • Will approve and/or fund projects
  • Make, recommend or approve key decisions related to project management methodology deployment

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