PM Insight                                     Printable Brochure

PM Insight is designed to enable organizations to quickly and easily capture data on projects so that progress and results can be monitored and compared over time.  Since ease of use has been built into the system, only a half-day orientation is required instead of 2-3 days of training.  Participants will learn how to take advantage of the full range of PM Insight functionality in this hands-on, highly interactive workshop.

Purpose:  To provide teams and individuals with the skills needed to take a results-oriented approach to short term projects and other day-to-day responsibilities.
Workshop Goals:  At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will:
  • Understand what they need to do to take advantage of all PM Insight functionality

  • Be able to use the PM Insight functionality needed to set-up, track and evaluate a project
  • Have use PM Insight to set-up one of their own projects
Duration:  Four hours
Target Population:  All PM Insight users including client executives, project managers and company administrative personnel

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