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  No Bull Project Management                                                                    


The major causes of project breakdowns are internal politics, communication problems and loss of management support/buy-in. This workshop identifies the most common mistakes made by project leaders and builds the skills necessary to deal with these issues. It is designed to help remove the barriers to personal and team accomplishments that exist within your organization.

Purpose:  To identify the most common mistakes made by project leaders and build the skills necessary to deal with these issues
Workshop Goals:
  • To identify the politics and people issues that bring projects down 
  • To build skills in effectively dealing with organizational politics and in working with difficult people 
  • To identify what project leaders do that tends to lose management support and those practices that gain management support 
  • To build skills in the areas that positively attract management attention and helps to gain management support 
  • To help get the bull out of your projects
Duration:  Eight Hours
Target Population:  Project Leaders, Team Members and Executives

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