Risk Management                            Printable Brochure

Many organizations are beginning to see the value of undertaking efforts to invest the time and personnel to identify and respond to those risks critical to the success of the organization’s projects. Other organizations, however, continue to expend little effort within their project’s initiation and planning phases in identifying and responding to risks, leaving their project teams in a reactive, fire-fighting mode of managing projects when issues arise in the execution phase. These organizations often have to accept deliverables which don’t meet the performance objectives, in a project already late and over cost. 
Purpose:  This course is based on numerous Project Management process implementation efforts and project audits and will discuss strategies to the seemingly typical response of some organizations to risk management – worried about the outcome but hopeful that the project team will create a miracle. Through the application of simple conversations and accompanying tools, a project team and organization can begin the movement towards being prepared to respond to project risk events – a proactive approach which can also serve as a learning platform across the entire organization.
Key Topics:
  • Overview of Risk Management
  • Definition of Risk vs. Uncertainty
  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Analysis
  • Risk Response Planning
  • Managing Risk Effectively
Duration:  One-Two days
Target Population:
  • Individuals and organizations interested in using the principles of risk management to assist them and their project teams in delivering successful projects with greater predictability

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