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Feedback from one of our many satisfied clients:

“Cambridge Consulting did a fantastic job with our Project Management training. The content was strong, the instructor was passionate and knowledgeable, and the course itself was highly engaging with exercises, case studies, and the opportunity to apply the content to our own projects. We are a very dynamic company and our PM team works on complex projects integrating large-scale acquisitions. Our instructor took a real interest in getting to know our work and how our team operates, and then Cambridge did an amazing job at customizing the training to fit our unique needs.”

Karen Curley
Director, Corporate Development


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It’s All About Return On Investment

Cambridge Consulting is not new in the field of performance improvement and measurable ROI. Working with our partners across the globe, our record in assisting large and small enterprises goes back many years. A few examples:

  • 2022- present: We are providing project management fundamentals training and skill application support to technical professionals in a major aerospace corporation

  • 2018- Present: We are providing basic and intermediate project management training and skill application support to technical professionals in a global energy services organization

  • 2014 - 2017: We helped a Fortune 50 company to improve project performance by providing basic and advanced project management performance development to their professionals around the world, using a customized version of our PM Best Practices workshop along with related and advanced topics.

  • 2008-2011: We helped a global advertising agency to substantially increase their profit margins (by a factor of six) and client satisfaction through the targeted and measured use of Cambridge Consulting project management techniques

  • 1998-2002: We helped a global financial services organization substantially improve client satisfaction through targeted application of our client service excellence content.

  • 1991-1993: We helped a global manufacturing conglomerate to save millions of dollars on non-capital quality improvement across 90+ plants throughout North America with the use of Cambridge Quality Improvement techniques.

  • 1986-1988: We helped a major U.S. automobile manufacturer to increase productivity by 30% while, at the same time, reducing overtime by 50% with the use of Cambridge resources and proprietary content.

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