Blueprint for Project Success    Printable Brochure

In this fast-paced, interactive workshop, you will review the keys to creating and sustaining a successful project environment by understanding how to navigate the Geography of Project Management Value. Creating a best-in-class project organization requires attention to a number of interdependent factors which, taken together, form the basis for sustainable project success. This workshop is designed to enable participants to understand what it takes to achieve ongoing project excellence, and to identify specific actions they can take to begin the transition within their own organizations.

Purpose:  To provide a methodology to ensure that projects are managed in a way that ensures consistent success.
Key Topics:

1.      Keys to getting started:

  • Alignment: Ensuring that the performance development effort is clearly tied to one or more strategic/ organization goals.

  • Get the Stakeholders on Board: Provide senior managers with simple tools to understand, support, promote and reinforce skill/process application.

  • Determine Specific Needs: Determining the specific project management performance development needs of your target population (e.g., project governance, training and process development needs, etc.).

2.      Keys to Making it Happen:

  • Build the Scoreboard: Clearly determining how success will be measured ahead of time (i.e., How will you know people are doing things differently or better?).

  • Show Them How: Develop and deliver customized resources and training that addresses your specific performance development needs.

  • Make it Part of Their World: Ensuring that the appropriate tools, techniques and concepts are effectively integrated into your existing processes, procedures and methodologies (so it becomes part of how you do business, rather than “another thing to do in addition to what we do now”).

3.      Keys to Sustainability:

  • Remove the Obstacles: Identify, prioritize and resolve key systemic barriers to skill application (both operational and cultural.

  • Watch the Scoreboard: Provide ongoing measurement of project progress/results, project leader and team effectiveness, and process/tool application.

  • Leverage What Works: Ensure that lessons learned on each project are effectively captured, shared and redeployed on later projects.

  • Get the Word Out: Clear Communication of initiative progress and results to maintain momentum and commitment.

Duration:  Two days (can be offered in modules as short as two hours)
Target Population:  PMO Directors, Project Executives, Program Managers

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