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A number of recent studies have demonstrated the lack of communication between project managers and executives. Project Portfolio Management is fast developing as the essential link between strategy and projects. This seminar offers an understanding of project portfolio management’s connection to business strategy and objectives, beyond multiple-project management. Additionally, it emphasizes the need for program specific processes, based on an iterative life cycle and the management of multiple stakeholders and their expected benefits.
Purpose:  The workshop provides senior managers and project managers with tools and techniques to deal with complex, unplanned change in a structured manner and develops knowledge of particular techniques required for managing programs.
Key Topics:
  • Creating clear, measurable project selection and prioritization criteria
  • Analyzing and ranking potential projects consistent with corporate goals and objectives
  • Analyzing and reporting on portfolio performance
  • Expanding and managing portfolio performance criteria
  • Effectively integrating business, technical, and organizational elements
  • Understand the difference between project portfolio management and managing multiple projects
  • Applying strategies to manage decision-making politics more effectively
Duration:  One day
Target Population:
  • Project Sponsors and Key Decision Makers
  • Managers who are assigning their resources to projects
  • Project Management Office Directors
  • Program Managers executing a portfolio of projects

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