Executive Overview Session             Printable Brochure

Training is often used as a means to improve individual and team performance.  To increase the likelihood of successful skill application, it is important that those to whom workshop participants report are aware of the goals and content of the training.  This awareness will help to:

  • Develop the expectation there will be a tangible return on the training investment

  • Provide management with the tools to promote skill application and measurable improvement in project results

  • Show workshop participants that management is both serious about and supportive of real change in project performance

Purpose:  To facilitate awareness and support for the project management initiative within an organization to ensure results that exceed expectations.
Key Topics:
•  Components of the Project Management training effort
•  How success will be measured
•  Management support activities
•  Initial assessment of organization competency level
Duration:  One to Four Hours
Target Population:  Senior managers and others whose support will contribute to results that are measurable and sustainable.

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