Client Relationship Management            Printable Brochure

Every project and business initiative has two critical dimensions: technical performance (i.e., delivering results) and interaction management (i.e., managing relationships).  Your client’s satisfaction with your technical performance is a result of how well you do your job.  Client satisfaction with your interaction management is a result of how well you relate to the client and address their professional and personal needs.

In other words, clients notice not just what you do, they pay close attention to how you do it.  The client’s perception of service quality needs to be capably managed in addition to obtaining superior technical results.

Everyone in business, from the project manager to the IS analyst, is constantly interacting with clients.  Clients can be paying project customers, people in other departments, other members of your project team, or your supervisor or staff.  Anyone who needs something from you – information, a decision, a product enhancement – is your client.

Your professionalism, listening skills, availability, responsiveness, reliability, etc. are all factored into a client’s level of satisfaction.  Over and above individual expertise, these relationship skills can turn an acceptable (or a disappointing) experience into a memorable business success story, be it increased orders, high output project teams, or enhanced staff morale.

Every interaction counts, and every interaction is remembered.  Just as you respond to good or bad service as a consumer, so too does each of your clients.  This one-day workshop will provide your people with the tools and techniques to turn client interactions, both external and internal, into a serious competitive advantage.

Purpose:  To review/apply techniques that will create a competitive advantage by ensuring that the "implicit service/relationship needs" of each client are met along with the explicit project deliverable requirements.
Key Topics:
  • Tools and techniques for ensuring a positive client experience
  • Things to watch out for when interacting with project clients
  • Five major interaction-related causes of project failure, and how to avoid them
  • How to build a client relationship plan
Duration:  One to Two Days
Target Population:  Project managers and others who have regular interaction with project clients inside and outside the organization.

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