Project Management - Advanced            Printable Brochure

For project managers who have mastered the fundamentals and are in need of more advanced subject matter.  Cambridge Consulting offers a customized approach for providing them with advanced performance development opportunities.  We start with an assessment of their current capabilities and needs, and then develop a customized 2-3 day workshop that covers the topics that will be of greatest value to them.

Purpose:  To provide a customized, client-specific process for managing projects. Incorporates Cambridge Consulting methodology/fundamentals into an existing (or to-be-designed) client project management process.
Key Topics:
  • Client-specific process elements

  • Client-specific tools/templates/requirements

  • Advanced planning, scheduling and change management techniques

  • International project issues

  • Strategic issues impacting project success

  • Project management in matrix organizations

  • Project management issues and approaches

  • Portfolio management

  • Project governance

  • Managing cultural issues that impact project success

  • Diagnostic and predictive project metrics

Duration:  Two to three days
Target Population:  Senior project leaders and others who must be capable with the organization-specific project management process.

Related Services

Project Knowledge Management:  A web-based tool for allowing organization members to track and share information on project progress/results, project client feedback, process/skill application, lessons learned and systemic barriers to successful projects.
Facilitated Project Planning Session:  Our consultants work directly with your intact project teams using our methodology to ensure successful project outcomes (1-2 days).

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