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Office Implementation

This course is designed for organizations who are interested in understanding how to establish a Project Management Office (PMO) within their organization. The Project Management Office is one of the fastest growing concepts in project management today, and often one of the most poorly implemented structures supporting the practice of mature project management within organizations. Effective and value-adding Project Management Offices come in varying shapes and sizes, from simple administrative support offices to full centers of excellence.
Purpose:  This course will enable participants to understand, anticipate and answer the questions associated with the creation of a PMO, from distinguishing selection criteria, through the benefits and potential barriers, to the necessary alignment with strategic business objectives. It does this by defining and reviewing the potential functions and structures of a Project/Program office, and by describing how to select and establish a viable solution.
Key Topics:
  • Definition of a Project/Program Management Office
  • Varied functions of a Project/Program Management Office
  • Determine the necessary PMO functions based on project management support requirements
  • Understand the roles needed to support a Project/Program Management Office
  • Set-up of a Project/Program Management Office
  • Create preliminary PMO implementation plan
  • Understanding and use of selected tools and methods
Duration:  One-Two days
Target Population:
  • Individuals within organizations interested in establishing a Project Management Office
  • Individuals within organizations who have implemented PMO's within their organization and are having difficulty achieving the full benefits of a mature PMO structure

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