Project Estimation in a Matrix         Printable Brochure

Resource estimation in a multiple-project, shared-resource matrix environment must be a collaborative effort between Resource Managers, Project Managers and Portfolio Managers. Most organizations rarely have these roles work together in the formation, tracking and correlation of resource and project estimates. They also rarely collaborate in developing the tools to be used – and thus the tool suite is designed in a silo-based approach with a specific purpose in mind: portfolio management system, resource management system, project management lifecycle; and project schedules.
Purpose:  This workshop will discuss the knowledge which can and must be shared in order for estimation to become more accurate and for critical resources to be used more effectively.
Key Topics:
  • Accuracy vs. Precision
  • Types of estimates
  • Types of estimating models
  • Distinction of Roles
  • Historical Learning
Duration:  One-two days
Target Population:
  • Individuals and organizations interested in improving the accuracy of their estimates and assisting them and their project teams in delivering successful projects with greater predictability.

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