Online Training

Sample Webinar Topics

Below are descriptions of some few of our workshops that could add value for your professionals. They are all one- or two-day workshops that can also be delivered in streamlined webinar versions (2 hours long), and include:

  • Project Management Best Practices: The eight keys to ensuring project success.

  • Project Productivity Killers: How to Get Them Before They Get You - Dealing with the productivity issues that cost your professionals over six weeks per year.

  • Project/Client Relationship Management: Using relationship management to create a competitive advantage for you and your organization.

  • Managing Virtual/Global Teams: Driving maximum performance when teams are separated by time, space and culture.

  • Effective Communication: How the Performance Leaders Get Things Done.

  • Time Management for Professionals: Getting more done with less stress.

  • Power Meetings: Increase effectiveness while reducing meeting time by 25%.

  • Integrative Thinking: To help those responsible for making recommendations and decisions to account for all of the non-operational factors that impact success.

  • Intelligent Risk Taking: To help professionals at all levels to assess, take and support calculated risks when they can generate a significant improvement to the organization.

  • Managing Problems and Decisions: Application of critical thinking to problems, solutions, decisions and recommendations.

  • Blueprint for Project Success: 10 Keys to Creating a Best-in-Class Project Organization

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