Applied Strategic Thinking

The most successful organizations are able to get all employees to think strategically about what they do. Specifically, there is a real need for managers at every level to consider the big picture when managing/assigning tasks, making decisions and managing relationships. While achieving results is important, achieving results that contribute to the strategy and goals of the organization is critical to long term profitability. This workshop is designed to provide managers with the tools and critical thinking skills that will enhance their ability to apply strategic thinking to their work.  

Purpose:  To develop organization-specific competencies for ensuring consistent application of critical thinking to business issues.
Workshop Goals:  To enhance participant ability to apply strategic thinking to:
  1. The definition, planning and execution of tasks and initiatives
  2. The initiation and management of relationships
  3. The decision making process'
Duration:  One to two days (depending on your content preferences and priorities)
Target Population:  All management personnel
Workshop Agenda: 
  • Defining results from both a strategic and tactical perspective
  • Making sure results are achieved as planned
  • Managing relationships to maximize performance
  • Making decisions/recommendations from both a strategic and tactical perspective
  • Plan for post-workshop application

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