Process Management and                  Printable Brochure Improvement

This “how-to” course familiarizes participants with the core knowledge and skills required to document, analyze and improve business processes. To develop a complete picture of the important requirements to support the business, the critical step is documenting the workflow of the business area as it currently exists. Only then can a solution be designed to support the business needs.
Purpose:  Participants will learn how create a workflow diagram using various techniques and determine the best-suited workflow modeling technique to document and communicate their process(es). Participants will learn to construct flowcharts of current operating procedures and identify opportunities for process improvement. They will learn to use time-measurement studies and cost/benefit analysis to support improvement recommendations. They will leave prepared to use these tools to describe the “current state” of a business process and move to the “future state” of the solution.
Workshop Goals:
Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to:
  • Understand the elements of a typical process
  • Understand how to define, diagram and display business processes
  • Understand and apply the many tools used within the discipline of process management and improvement
Duration:  One day
Target Population:
  • Managers responsible for business processes
  • Business or Systems Analysts defining process improvement opportunities
  • Participants on business process improvement projects

Key Topics:
  1. Definitions – Process Elements
  2. Business Requirements
    o Elicitation
    o Analysis
    o Validation
  3. Organizational Change ramifications
  4. DMAIC Cycle
    o Define
    o Measure
    o Analyze
    o Improve
    o Control
  5. Diagramming Nomenclature
    o SIPOC
    o Current State
    o Future State
  6. Process Improvement Tools
    o Checklist
    o Flowchart
    o Cause and Effect / Fishbone Diagram
    o Run and Control Charts
    o Pareto Analysis
    o Histogram
    o Impact Changeability Matrix
    o Scatter Diagram
  7. Examples and Practice sessions
Workshop Format:
  • Lecture
  • Class Discussion
  • Exercises

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