Time Management for Professionals        Printable Brochure

As organizations become leaner, people are being asked to do more with less. From a competitive standpoint, the most successful individuals and organizations are able to get more accomplished in less time. Equally important, they are able to focus their attention on getting the right things done (i.e., results that contribute to organization goals, Client satisfaction and the bottom line). Time Management for Professionals is a one-day workshop designed to help people do all of this in a way that actually enhances your ability to accomplish more of what counts, with a lot less stress.

Purpose:  To help people accomplish more of what counts, with a lot less stress.
Key Topics:
  • The Magic Clock: Why some of us have more time than others
  • Burned Out: The relationship between time management and stress
  • Blind Theft: Identifying time robbers that can add up to an hour each day
  • Twice as Slow: The myths about multi-tasking
  • Prioritizing: separating the important from the urgent
  • Out of the Blocks: Avoid wasting time at the beginning of an assignment
  • No Way!: Learning to say “no” without getting fired
  • Making it happen: How to ensure better results in less time
  • Choose and Go: Selecting and using productivity tips and tools
  • Next Up: Plan for post-workshop application
Duration:  One day
Target Population:  Managers and individual contributors responsible for achieving results in a in a time-constrained environment

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