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We know what it takes to make a team work well.  We also know that a plain vanilla solution probably won't work for most teams.  The fact is that, while the principles of team effectiveness are universal, how they are applied needs to be tailored to the individual situations and challenges being faced by each team (and organization).  This approach helps to ensure a better fit and greater ROI.

Cambridge Consulting has an array of proprietary support materials that we use to develop a customized solution for each client's team development needs.  In addition, we have a large partnership network that enables us to apply a wide range of resources and talent to address virtually any team development needs.

Below are just a few of our existing resources used to support fundamental team competency development.  these are in addition to the off-the-shelf training options described in this section.


Team Effectiveness Competency/Capability

Cambridge Consulting Tool/Content/Service

The ability to get everyone clearly focused on the same outcome

Project Scope Summary used to define outcomes, deliverables, success measures, constraints and assumptions

Getting the right people on the team

Team/Stakeholder Identification to ensure that the right people are involved in the effort

The ability to effectively move through the phases of the team development process

Principles of forming/ storming/ norming/ performing

Understanding what promotes or impedes strong individual and team performance

Human performance components

Making sound team-based decisions

Decision Making Process

Ensuring that the needs of key stakeholders are reflected in team decisions

Decision Matrix

Managing conflict within the team

Conflict management tools and techniques

The ability to ensure that the team is focusing its efforts on the root cause rather than the symptoms of a problem

Root Cause Analysis and Problem Definition/Analysis tools

Creating a map to achieve results Planning and scheduling tools
Coordinating the efforts of team members Hand-off management tools
Ensuring that team members get the information they need when they need it Communication Matrix
Providing candid feedback Constructive feedback guidelines
Promoting desirable behavior/performance Positive reinforcement guidelines
Measuring team effectiveness Team Effectiveness Assessment
PM Insight


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