Discus Team:  A Systems Approach to Managing Team Behavior

High performance requires a balance between technical suitability and behavioral suitability.  It's not how well you do the work, it's how well you do the work together.

Discus Team is a unique software package that takes DISC to the next level.  Discus Team takes individual profiles and downloads them into everything from specialized reports on individual working relationships to a general analysis of the overall team.

Discus Team provides you with an empirical method to analyze:

  • Behavioral compatibility of team members

  • Behavioral factors that will drive or retrain team performance

  • The ideal profile of a team

  • The ideal mix of team members

Discus Team is a real-time interactive process with immediate feedback that includes:

  • Team analysis

  • Relationship reports between any set of two team members

  • Leadership analysis

  • Customer analysis

  • Team role definitions

  • Database matching to identify team members

  • Ideal team modeling

Discus Team provides the ability to:

  • Significantly reduce time from team startup to productivity

  • Immediately analyze team strengths, limitations and development needs

  • Profile customers and match "best fit" team members

  • Model ideal teams and match and pick most suitable team members

  • Analyze individual team member relationships

  • Identify the leadership demands of the team

  • Select the "best fit" team leader

  • Determine the impact of adding or removing team members

Organizations and Team Leaders will be able to:

  • Develop team role descriptions with the same accuracy as functional roles

  • Create, organize and manage teams using behavioral metrics

  • Identify and leverage the team's operational style

  • Understand, predict and manage the team member interactions

  • Understand a teams strengths and potential

  • Identify potential alignment or conflict between any combination of individuals

  • Understand the leadership expectations and needs of the team members

  • Discover the main team motivators

  • Find ideal additions to a team

  • Create entirely new teams suited to specific tasks

Benefits and Uses:

  • Conduct strategic planning meetings that focus on outcome rather than personalities

  • Match customer teams with behaviorally compatible sales teams

  • Leverage the behavioral diversity of all employees impacted by mergers and acquisitions

  • Identify the behavioral compatibility and gaps between any two teams down to any two team members

  • Create a behavioral profile for any team and search your (Discus) database for the best team members

Discus Team:

  • Is available in eight languages

  • Has adjective and phrase-based versions to deal with literacy and ESL issues

  • Is part of a system that includes customer satisfaction measures and prescriptive learning solutions

  • Is a rapid resolution methodology

"More teams fail because of behavioral incompatibilities than because of technical incompetence."

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