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As products and services become more of a commodity in today's competitive environment, more and more organizations are looking at customer service as a way to gain a competitive advantage.  Customer Service Excellence provides employees with the essential skills and tools to provide outstanding service to internal and external customers.  

The workshop is designed to allow much more than just skill practice.  During the workshop, participants will:

  • Identify ways to measure professionalism where they work
  • Identify where quick response is important to the customer and develop expediting procedures
  • Identify areas where clear communication with the customer is critical, and how it can be effectively managed
  • Develop a performance template for service quality, value and timeliness
  • Identify and document answers to frequently asked customer questions
  • Identify typical customer problems and ways to resolve each
  • Identify examples of problem customer situations and how each can be managed
In only one day, participants will gain practical skills and tools that will help them (and your organization) gain an important competitive advantage.

To develop/enhance competencies for providing outstanding service to customers inside and outside the organization.
Key Topics:
• Professionalism
• Availability/Responsiveness
• Product/Service Knowledge
• Communication
• Understanding Customer Expectations
• Managing Customer Problems
Duration: One day (can be offered in modules as short as one hour)
Target Population: Everyone who interacts with customers inside and outside the organization.

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