Profit and Cash Printable Brochure

Cambridge Consulting has recognized a critical emerging need of many organizations today as developing a workforce that is business literate.  They want workers to think and behave more like business owners rather than employees.  Helping a workforce to develop a sense of urgency and ownership requires that employees understand how their daily decisions and activities impact an organization's expenses, cash flow and profitability.

A major obstacle for a workforce to "think like an owner" and effectively contribute to the bottom line is a lack of understanding the financial terminology and measures that organizations are evaluated on.  Most of us understand how to read a thermometer or odometer and how to respond accordingly.  However, as employees, how many of us understand the importance of key measures found in financial reports and how our jobs impact those measures?

Profit and Cash, developed by Capital Connections, is a half to full-day training program on business financial literacy.  Profit and Cash utilizes a game and accelerated learning approach where employees at every level will understand essential financial concepts and tools as well as organization-specific financial measures.  The unique business game experience utilizes an interactive team approach as participants "run their own company".  Participants will see and comprehend the "big picture" of making decisions that drive the success of their company. 

Purpose:  To increase participant's business knowledge so they understand the financial objectives of their organization and how best to contribute to them.
Learning Objectives: 
  • Define basic financial terminology and business concepts
  • Understand financial statements (e.g., income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements) and what they measure about a company
  • Understand how key financial ratios (e.g., EBITDA, EVA, ROA, ROE, etc.) are calculated and interpreted in terms of their effect on the organization and shareholder value
  • Increase understanding of why different business decisions are made and the financial ramifications
  • Connect day-to-day activities and decisions to the company's financial performance of the company
Duration:  Four to eight hours
Target Population: Profit and Cash is for any employee of an organization needing to understand the business and finances of their company.
Learning Methods:  A simulation, case studies, organization-specific exercises and scenarios are used.  Profit and Cash has two standard versions in manufacturing and service.  Customized versions exist for the industries of avionics, banking, energy, insurance, non-profit, retail, steel and telecommunications.

"Profit and Cash is the finest, most flexible financial literacy tool we have ever experienced.  It addresses the critical factors that must be in place to support and sustain business literacy in today's business environment."

Jerome Harris, Senior Managing Director
American Express

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